Why I founded Sparkling Tongue Press

Writing can be a confusing process, and merging poetry and visual arts can appear intimidating for someone without a traditional art background (or vice versa). I decided to create Sparkling Tongue Press as a place for poets and artists to share their experiments in visual poetry with a particular emphasis on multilingualism.

I can already hear the question “Can I submit if I only speak English?” and the answer is yes! I’m interested in people’s ways of understanding their representation of language because it carries thought, emotion – information.

I think this is key: that the written form has been created to carry over knowledge, but it isn’t always reliable. I see a parallel here with translation. Sparkling Tongue Press is fascinated by this liminal space.

What is lost – and created – by representing thoughts visually?

What is lost – and gained – by translating your ideas?

Experimental writing can be quite frankly odd and curious. Writing it for youself can be strange enough, but sharing it can be difficult. Who’ll be interested? Sparkling Tongue Press does not claim to be the first safe space for experimental writers, but we hope to be one place where we can share our work and processes together.

Enjoy creating!


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