Sparkling Tongue Press was founded in 2022 as a way to promote the appreciation and creation of visual poetry. We take a very broad approach to visal text.

Visal. Visual. The power of what and how we write is constant.

Sparkling Tongue Press stands with:


We believe that each reader/viewer of a piece of poetry will interpret it in their own way, which is why we’re particularly keen on hearing about poets’ creative processes.


Part of the creative process can be confussing and lead to uncertainty. We want to be a place to nurture this stage and promote further growth without worrying about the fear of failure.


We understand multilingualism as a broad spectum and we don’t require every submission or submitter to be multilingual in the traditional sense. The way you interpret multilingual may be with multiple languages, but it may also include dialects, accents, or even mediums.

<!-- Sparkling Tongue Press was founded by Lucy Hulton, a creative writer with an interest in all the above. -->

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